I Just Finished My First Week On Medium, I Made Three Cents

hustlelead How S.
1 min readMay 25, 2020

It was rough.

I was primarily writing for Quora before hopping onto the Medium bandwagon. Boy, must I say there is a huge difference. It seems I don’t get much views at all. The number of articles with zero views is heart-wrenching, considering the amount of effort and time I put in them.

I guess that is the real test of commitment huh.

But nonetheless, that $0.03 that came in one day was a true pat on the back. And a pat on the back was all I need. To date, I have written at least 2 stories per day for the past 7 days, as if possessed by a ghost.

If Quora is a magazine, then Medium is the invite-only newsletter to the most exclusive king’s royal club — whose membership subjected to temperament of the readers.

Then again, nothing made me more engrossed than writing here on this elegantly designed platform. I am conflicted, excited yet dejected.

Good luck to me. Let me take a break.



hustlelead How S.

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