What’s Next After OSCP?

Much has been said about the exam, yet even more needs to be said about what comes after.

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OSCP burnout
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The internet is nothing less than a miracle for learners.

The wealth of information out there makes becoming a cybersecurity professional on your own terms a much more accessible task than it was just a few years ago. We have multiple actors to thank for that, people who voluntarily create content, courses, interviews and blog posts about their process at honing their crafts.

I thank that for my success in this journey to pass the OSCP.

However, this article will not be the typical “How I passed my OSCP” writeup. Instead, I want to highlight the post-OSCP experience. This information, it seems, is what the internet is sorely lacking in.

That is why we need more content like this interview with PMAT author, Matt Kiely, which unsurprisingly is not racking up views yet.

Everyone is so keen on getting that cybersecurity job and salary that we forgot we are no longer in an “information bottleneck” but a mental-health one. The learning in the cybersecurity field is so expansive that it is easy to find yourself in “one way street to burnout”.

“One way street to burnout” — Huskyhacks

Before OSCP

Hot on the heels of COVID lockdowns in early 2020, I find myself working from home as a SOC analyst for a global financial institution. Fast forward 1 year of work, I went on and off self-learning that amount to nothing more than a couple of LinkedinLearning and Udemy introduction courses.

Not until I was close to the end of the 2021 that I decided to do something drastic — start paying for reputable certifications to boost my knowledge and practical skills. Security Blue Team and Offensive Security certifications caught my eye as being more affordable than SANS courses. (Not to mention CISSP certification requires endorsement from…



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