Who am I? Why Should Anyone Listen to Me?

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3 min readAug 1, 2020

Hi, this is meant to be a dynamic post where I update my progress on Medium and anything else interesting. Sorta like a starter writer’s bio.

Who am I? Why should anyone listen to me?

I joined Medium writing during the height of the quarantine buzz, on May 16th. That is about 2.5 months now. I am still very much a beginner.

I have my fair share of ups and downs. I am actively trying to increase those times when the earnings go up. So far, my earnings had peaked at a little over $300 a month on June, then dropped to $200 on July.

I signed up for Medium Partner Program on February, but did not commit to it at all. It was only after the lockdowns that I took medium writing seriously.

My biggest struggles now is in finding a voice as a writer as I traditionally write about Technology topics in an objective and impartial voice, and also writing consistently.

And while it is still the first day of the new month, therefore, I have decided to write everyday for 30 days in the month of August. Wish me luck.


Having joined Medium at the start of the year, I find myself inspired by multiple success stories of freelance writers. (Particularly, a piece by Cheshta Mann goaded me into action — kudos to inspiring writing/content) I was suddenly open to a wealth of information that inspired me tremendously. So much that I decided to make one myself!

I started writing on Medium piece after piece, as if possessed by a ghost. The writing was not so much conscious effort than indulgent writing. Of course, it did not turn out well. I made $0.23 for my first month on Medium. The earnings for those articles was not even enough for the minimum payout on stripe.

I kept at it. Soon enough, I hit a small jackpot of a $350 article for my second month, alongside major publications and three curations to name a couple of milestones.

As I work towards the third milestone (of my first $1000), I find myself increasing frustrated at the curation lottery. The performance of the writings was and still is unpredictable. That’s when I chanced upon this article by Cheshta Mann. I began creating a online presence by setting up social media profiles including this one. On top of relying on invisible curators, I shall take writing into my own hands and try my hand at freelance writing.

So here I am. I know the journey will be tough, but I’m in for the long haul baby! Looking at six years. Who knows? I may write a piece like that myself? In Canada? hazy yet very exciting.

So much for talk, now.. where do I look for my first client. Best of luck!

aspiring writer striving to love the process | Cybersecurity analyst | Physics tutor | Owns bitcoin TW:@hustlelead IG:hustlelead

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hustlelead How S.

aspiring writer striving to love the process | Cybersecurity analyst | Physics tutor | Owns bitcoin TW&IG&LI:@hustlelead E:hustle.lead@gmail[.]com